Covert Coup

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Track Listing
The Type feat. Prodigy
Blood Sweat And Gears feat. Fiend
Life Instructions feat. Smoke DZA
Smoke Break
Scottie Pippens feat. Freddie Gibbs
Double 07
Success Is My Cologne
Full Metal
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ParkerAlberta's picture

Curren$y is awesome! The most awesome of all awesome! Thanks for the link ti the download, I really like the stuff.

freewolf72's picture

Curren$y when you coming back to charlotte n.c.?

freewolf72's picture

Jetlife erday!!!!!


Just want to say that nigga curren$y flow is sick.I like ya boy say if was with this milf say she heard bout my music from this nigga she fucking if was thanks for that gangster ass alley hoop.that's all I got in the vic.

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