• Posted By CurrenSy Webcrew | July 07, 2011

    Despite releasing Covert Coup with the Alchemist back in April, and releasing Weekend At Burnie's only a few weeks ago, Curren$y continues to grind. To keep things moving, Spitta unleashes the video for "BBS", the lead track off of Covert Coup. Featuring both behind-the-scenes and live performance footage, the visuals take you deeper into Spitta's Jet Life.

  • Posted By CurrenSy Webcrew | July 07, 2011

    July 15-17 mark the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, an annual gathering of the best of the best in the music world. SPIN recently gave us a rundown of the event, spotlighting ten must-see artist. Among the list is Curren$y, who has caught the attention of many on stage during his Jet Life Tour. Head over to to peep the list and read why Spitta has been included.

  • Posted By CurrenSy Webcrew | July 06, 2011


    While Curren$y has been releasing a ton of new music this year -- Weekend At Burnie's, Covert Coup and Return To The Winner's Circle, just to name a few -- it makes you wonder if he ever has time to listen to music of other artists. Thanks to Complex, we get an inside look at Spitta's music collection, as he runs through his favorite 25 albums. Just to give you an idea, you can expect to see popular hits like Marvin Gaye's I Want You and Nas's Illmatic, as well as underground classics like Soulja Slim's Year's Later and Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night. Curren$y also adds a bit of detail on each of his choices, as well as mentioning, "They're something major in my life. They're all the most important albums I've ever heard in my life." Head over to to peep the entire list.