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FWD: To Curren$y Spitta

Whuud up Spitta! Peace, Harmony and Honesty,


. I'm writing you now to see if you would 'help me GROW ' my bank acco$ by assisting muah,. in making a few plays in the business of Flipping Cars.

*My vision board of this goes a little something like this:

1) I learn the trade of automobiles hopefully though you, 'session by session'.

2) With the investor's mind frame go purcha$e my inventory of about 1 or 3 cars from auctions to START.

3) Use a set budget to maintenance the vehicles in any way that would increase the value (new engine, paint jobs, interior decor, nice Rims, sound system, body kits, etc.); finished details and upgrades.

4) Organize a Plan of Trade & Distribution on a foretasted demographic.

-- The way I forecast the profit margins, I will make in 6 months working this business the salary of working corporate;40hrs + a week.

GENUINELY I DON'T GOT TIME FOR THAT! ... we chasing dreams over here. NOW I don't know how many fans reach out for your HELP, but I hope not many.. I need you take the time to see what I'm pushing, one moment please.

Not only can you help open my flow, but also a few other people in your web of automotive connections or I can help a few that I meet in my time. Either way 'before & after' I cop the cars, I will need the connects that will provide me with the materials I need to raise the value of the vehicles and I need to know what my source materials are when I'm dealing with them.

Now I'm not one that believes in hand-outs, but I do believe in grand OPPORTUNITY!! Oh yeah we're all about that here in Good ol' Merica.. C'MON PUT ME ON UNCLE SPITTA! OGMentor/The Assist/My Employer i!, I'm a student first and I'm asking to get ushered into my Boss Mode by THE BIGGEST BOSS in the underground rap game !! I'd be honored. IF your looking to give back this year.. or just lift up a complete stranger look no further, I know I'm worth this experience my guy. And for whatever it's worth I will ensure you a ROI when it all works out Because there's also one small thing.. I NEED A SCHOLARSHIP TO MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN! :) I'm a fresh college graduate of Dec.15 ( VSU; TROJANS!!!)

I haven't started making the bandz yet... :/


Spitta, I'm seeking to take advantage WITH you.

Hold me down on this, take the time to help MAKE THIS WORK. Request my Proposal and if it sounds kosher lets give it a go, sometime this year. hopefully this winter, it's brick up here in the NewJeru!!


I'm truly a fan, but I'm here for business. I won't waste your time cause I can't afford to waste mine.

PLEASE DON'T BE TOO HIGH TO REPLY, I know how it go !!!

"your music inspires me to go after the world."

- A Letter for a true patron.

Travis ' Travie V.' Lawson (Somerset, NJ)

--Although I could find these resources myself I want to work beside you to complete the job of flipping these vehicles, it'll be dream come true for me, truly one for the books. straight legendary.