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Pre-Order Weekend At Burnies on iTunes!

  • Posted by Gardens admin  on  June 17

    The Weekend At Burnie's release is only a couple weeks away. Make sure you get the pre-order on iTunes so you can get the album the second it drops on June 28th!


    Deluxe Album Track Listing:
    1. #jetsgo*
    2. Still featuring Trademark and Young Roddy
    3. She Don’t Want A Man
    4. One Life
    5. You See It
    6. Televised featuring Fiend (International Jones)
    7. This Is The Life
    8. On G’s featuring Young Roddy and Trademark
    9. Money Machine
    10. What’s What
    11. Jlc
    12. Get Paid featuring Trademark and Young Roddy


Arcade-Oil's picture

Been wiating for this to drop since the day it was announced

Ryan Steward's picture

This Is Gonna Be The Best Album of 2011...If You Sleepin You Better Wake Tha Hell Up