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Pre-Order Weekend At Burnies on iTunes!

The Weekend At Burnie's release is only a couple weeks away. Make sure you get the pre-order on iTunes so you can get the album the second it drops on June 28th!


Deluxe Album Track Listing:
1. #jetsgo*
2. Still featuring Trademark and Young Roddy
3. She Don’t Want A Man
4. One Life
5. You See It
6. Televised featuring Fiend (International Jones)
7. This Is The Life
8. On G’s featuring Young Roddy and Trademark
9. Money Machine
10. What’s What
11. Jlc
12. Get Paid featuring Trademark and Young Roddy

Curren$y "This Is Hip-Hop" ( Series)

Your first peel out in your car, being your own boss, Biggie, Kool G Rap...this is hip-hop. Curren$y runs through the things in life that are "Hip-hop" to him in the latest installment of the video series titled "This Is Hip-Hop", directed by Court Dunn.

New Curren$y Track - "This Is The Life"

Here's the latest track off the upcoming Weekend At Burnie's album, dropping June 28th! Curren$y flows over the laid back Monsta Beatz produced intrumental on "This Is The Life"! (below)

Also, watch out for the Weekend at Burnie's album/movie sync-up with the 1989 Weekend at Bernie's film that inspired the album!

Curren$y - "This Is The Life"

Curren$y - Jet Life Tour NYC - High Times Edition

Curren$y stops by the High Times office in NYC to sample some designer strains of reefer before heading to the sold out Irving Plaza show! See which types made his top weed picks and check the footage from the live performance!

Hit the Tour section to see all the upcoming Jet Life Tour dates!


Check the official premiere of Curren$y's brand new track "You See It" off the upcoming Weekend At Burnie's album! Listen below and pre-order the CD here.