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Curren$y Cars


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Thank you for sharing such nice things with us and i hope in future you also update us about that. Imodium

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what the hell going higher and higher..

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Good to see such model

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It seems one of the car models of BMW cars collection. It will be quite interesting to collect some information about this car model.

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Wow! That car is so cool man. I hope i can get a car for bad credit.

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Like the car model very much. Can it be a Cars for sale?

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The world is swiftly moving toward highly efficient cars and as gas prices boil the need for fuel efficient cars is only going to increase. I for one make use of fuel cards so as to offset the high price of gas.

Almost all of these old cars are gas guzzlers, these cars however mighty and iconic they are they have to be phased out from running on the streets.

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I am not sure if I am seeing correctly or not, but is the car in the front a bit hit ? I guess it shows kind of a big scratch on the spoiler right? I remember I was so mad one day when I found mine a bit hit.. I think I went to the nearest auto body repair Salem NH where I was lucky enough to find the people that were able to fix it quite fast.

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Yes it is a phat car. Expensive though and the resale value is probably not that great in comparison to what you would have paid for it in the first place. Another way of getting your ideal car is to contract hire or lease a car because you do not need to worry about reselling it losing money on it. Also you can pay a small amount extra to have the maintenance included in the price.

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my favorite body style vette those and the lt1s what you got gone to those and the monte im getting a 3rd gen camaro iroc body style and building a 383 vortec stroker for it should be puttin out 400 to the crank

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The truth is that cars are very complicated machines, with a lot of parts to break, this is why I love electric, such a simple design,got one from Reedman Toll car dealers and it is amazingly simple.

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This car needs some cool accessories. Some accessories are so vital that we can do without them. Especially those accessories which ensure safety of your car. You could find any kind of accessories now, for any vehicle like trailer hitches.

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Wow, this really is a car f it's own class. I'd kill for the chance to test drive it but I don't think that will ever happen. I miss driving, my good old car is in a donate car and with the tax incentive I got I hope i'll find a sports car just like I want it.

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that fuckin corvette...damn.camino lookin like a hot wheel.spitta!
J.E.T.S. foo.

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Nice ass wipe spitta.#jetsgo

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Nice ass wipe spitta.#jetsgo