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on some real shit..i been fucking with yall since curren$y when he was with lil wezzy. I been feeling yall style n yall real nigga shit. all i got to say is keep making that real shit i from texas but live in indy.. yall need to come up here n give us a show nigga fuck with yall..the rap game is some bullshit n none of those fake ass rapers cant fuck with jetlife. but come fuck with us, jetlife would get mad luv..n we can hook yall up with that good kush.but if yall need a real nigga on yall team hit me up i know that there is alot of fake nigga but not me n i can fuk with yall, jetlife keep it 1000 . i dont rap but nigga can get the crowd hype n get out there let it be know a rael nigga going to hit the stage n pass flyers out n keep the weed rolled + i got hell of hoes..keep killing these nigga on these track. one luv to the whole jetlife..

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